Happy Father’s Day

Somehow I am making a big change for myself and so, I’ve started this blog and deleted the old one. The problem with me is that I’m always trying but never really DO what I want to do. But this time, I’m determined to do it, instead of just trying with whatever I’m planning to do.

Throughout the second half of 2009, I was having difficulties in Perth and all I ever wanted was to go back to Kuching. I kept running, every time things goes wrong and when I forget, I’ll be me “Happy Happy Joy Joy”. Towards the end of 2009, I enrolled myself to a Mandarin Class in Kuching during the summer holiday to forget and learn the language. I met Alston Chin (AC/Als) but we started talking in 2010, precisely the first week of January. In a short period of time, we became friends and I get to know Kelvin Ting (KT/Kelv) too.  Als was there when I was having a downfall and he stayed for a very long time. Knowing him for a year plus feels like I have known him forever. Before I know it, I’ve gotten to comfortable with him and I took everything for granted. Every time when I think I can’t handle things, I would go to him whining, crying, angry, you name it he’s there for it. Sometimes it wonders me how he could put up with me through all these times. Nonetheless, I am thankful to have met him, knowing him makes me want to be a better person.

Today, I’ve decided to keep distant from Als. It was because I’ve became too dependent on him. I rely on him too much that I don’t even use my brain as I was always running to him for every thing and any thing. It’s bad to depend on others too much. Like me, I’ve lost myself. I don’t know What I want and so on. So, even though I am going to miss him but  I got to suck it up and just get my shit together again. After I get every thing straighten out, I guess I’ll look for him. To be honest, I’m not sure if things would be how it was and if we were really meant to be friends for a very long time (like how he said). Then, we will meet again, when everything’s the same.

It’s also Father’s Day! So I will let the pictures do the talking.

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It was fun. spending time with zee family. good ol’ family time always kill the inappropriate thoughts. This is their very own way of pole dancing with each other. 

Other than having some quality fun time with the family. I went to a wedding, grandma asked me to accompany her.

Just as advice, Don’t ever use colored bra when you’re using something white for your wedding. The groom is the Belia & Sukan’s Trainer because when I saw them walking in, I was ” the man so buff” Then, Aunty Na told me that he’s the trainer for muscle thingy stuff.

To end today’s post, I wish everything will go well and I will get through this. I do know that I’m already missing Als. But I got to do what’s good for me.

Later days,

Double Zee


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