What if, I stay away because I love you……

It was an empty day, that’s how I felt earlier on. I was planning to do a little bit of cleaning, as I looked around my room and i decided to look for a shelf to put all the bags, that was on the floor all over the room. I spent more than 10 minutes gazing at the ceiling and I wonder about a lot of other things that I have to do to keep myself busy. I kept on checking my whatsapp, just in case Als would text me or something but of course, he didn’t. LoL.

Anyways, went for window-furniture-shopping at Sem-Thye and they got some cool-big-closet in which I like but can’t fit into my room. After that, I went to another shop but it was kinda dodgy or maybe it’s because I’ve never been there and the salesperson were staring. I don’t know if they know that I am as human as they are. I do not know why I took a picture of the beds, I really wanted to take a picture of the double decker bed. The double decker bed reminded me of my childhood. My siblings and I were always left alone to take care of each other after school, so we stayed in the room and built a fortress by hanging out comforters at the lower part of the bed. We would use our pillows to be our wall and we could extent our fortress. That was one good memory.

Sarah’s birthday is in a day time, and she asked me to make her an ice cream cake but the ingredients needed were out of stock. Gah! I hate it when it’s out of stock because that would mean I have to scout for it aimlessly, walking around hoping that I would bumped into a place that supplies all the things that I need. Malas.

Oh, I was fasting too today and break my fast at Hartz Chicken Buffet. Seriously, it is damn bad as I was trying to diet but I wanted to do something stupid and I ate until all I could think off is not to barf! That’s a bad way to stop thinking about other things. I really do need a healthier way to express my feelings.

Last night, I whatsapped Zayy, I told her that I’ll start working 1st July and she said it’s good and she hope for me to find a bf. I cried instantly and my mind brought me back to Als. How I miss the fact that I could just look for him at anytime. The whole day, loads of things reminded me of him. Like the time, I went to SHEDAH dinner with my parents and he went there with his family at Borneo Convention Center Kuching (BCCK).  Okay, I ended up at BCCK because I was driving around earlier tonight and it reminded me of that night. It was on a Friday night, so we actually did not attend the Mandarin Class. Anyways, that night we ended up walking all over the building, we walked all around and we talked about a lot of things. I don’t even remember what we talked about but it was fun. He’s my explore buddy. Exploring a place never been so fun when I had a person to talk too. He even laughed the fact that I wore heels that night. Throughout the function we replied each others text, we kept on talking about the housing design that was shown on display. I remember his dad called to ask him, What he thinks of the dinner and the show, but at that time, we were outside the building. Yes, we circled the building and talking about the area. He told me that the whole area will be develop and he told me the direction of the river from where we were standing.

Do I sound like I miss him? Well, I have to lie and tell you I don’t miss him. Gotta end it here.

Later days,

Double Zee.







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