Getting Organize

My room still looks like a jungle. The first thing I did when I woke up was to check on twitter, since I no longer have my facebook. I was also browsing through short term courses in Kuching and found a place, which is right infront of my house. They offered a couple of courses ranging from drawing to computer stuff to automobile stuff to cooking and baking to sewing. I planning to join, since it would only cost rm20. Today, I thought that I need a white board but since I have no space for it, I decided to write on my closet door. I bought a glass marker. I know it’s nothing to be brag about but I’m happy for it, okay? I am easily amused. 

Yeay! scratch that from my things to do today. craping. craping. craping. The left side of the door would be the place where I write my things to do, goals for the month, reminder, activities that I need to do and so on. It’s quite efficient as I would see it when I wake up, I would see all the stuff that I wrote.

Around 2pm, our area were experiencing blackouts and the house were so hot. I ended up whining and rolling in bed, talking to Syafiq. Then, he said he’s going out with Aubrey to Bombay Masala for drinks and guess what, they didn’t have any electricity either. FML. Anyways, when we sat, the waitress came and asked for our order, I told her that I’m not ordering *i told her nicely, okay?* So, she took Syafiq’s and Aubrey’s orders and she looked at me. She was waiting for me to order, I smiled at her and said, ” I’m fasting, I’m not drinking” Her face turned red and all she could do was smile at me. Why don’t they ever listen?

Oh I went to India Street looking for a few ingredients needed to do make the ice cream cake. But they were out of stocked too. FML. There I was walking throughout the store, looking for something to buy. I should get rid of this attitude, if I can’t find anything, I should have just leave the store. A few minutes after, I wasted a couple of Ringgit, buying things that I don’t need. I should learn to value money.

India Street

Anyways, now I know why I have never been to India Street up until a few months ago. On my way back to the car the sidewalk was crowded and knowing me, I do not want to be stuck among the crowd. So, I waited for others to pass and when I almost reached the car. A guy standing by the wall whispered to me, “Artist eh” He called me an artist just because I wore my sunnies. Seriously, today was quite hot and the sun was glaring and to be honest, I don’t even go out when the sun is up. I don’t even know why I bother. ha ha.

I went out for dinner with Syafiq & Aubrey, we went to Shihilin Taiwanese Snack Shop at Tun Jugah. I like the Sweet Potato Plum, it is so nice. The three of us walked around Tun Jugah not knowing what to do since, Popular closed. We went to Spring and we walked around some more, end up checking out the timetable of the movies. I really don’t know what to do in Kuching, other than eating and Syafiq reminded me that he wants to eat at Elephant.

After we got back, I made the Ice cream cake. I hope Sarah would like it tomorrow.

Can’t eat it right away, it needs to be refrigerated over night for the ice cream to have a better texture and as a surprise, I put some chocolate chip inside. As she wants oreo, I would decorate it with Oreo tomorrow. Need to eat, got to end it now.

Later days,

Double Zee


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