China, Here I Come.

I wish I could go to China too. Ergh! While I was at the Embassy, I was so proud to understand when the lady said, “Liang Ge”. The day started with something that I don’t like, woken up and forced to accompany Syafiq to the Chinese Embassy to do his visa. I don’t mind accompanying him or whatsoever but I really don’t like people pushing me to do it and told me that it’s urgent and need to be done a.s.a.p. I don’t like it at all. I get cranky and people always complaint afterwards.

I was fasting again today but I went to accompany Syafiq breakfast at Maccas. It was weird as I was looking at the sausage McMuffin and it reminded me of being in Perth. Usually, I would have Sausage McMuffin when I just got back from the airport or when my cousins and I stayed up until the breakfast menu was served. Ha Ha. Good Ol’ Days.

Before I go on…..My neighbour’s mom passed away earlier and my condolences to them and their family. Al-Fatihah.

Also today, I would like to wish two of my family member a very Happy Birthday.

Birthday Girl

Happy 10th Birthday

Aisya Maisarah

I hope all your wishes comes true

and for you to enjoy the cake that I made

*the realistic one though*


Happy 27th Birthday

Nasrie Zainal

I bet you’re having fun wherever you are

Nonetheless I hope all your wishes comes true

To both of the birthday boy & girl,

may you have good wealth, health, live young and prosper throughout your lifetime.

After dinner, all of us hangs around the dinner table and give riddles to each other to solve. The only thing that came to my mind was the Bun Riddle.

Thinking Time

There was two buns who went to the movies together, the first bun was a plain bun and the second bun was a bun with fillings. While watching the sad movie, the bun with fillings cried but the plain bun didn’t. Why? You see, I like this riddle because I imagined buns walking hand-in-hand to the movies. Ain’t it cute? Seriously? Use your imagination. I laughed like crazy every time I hear this riddle and friends just don’t get it why I laughed. Anyways, the answer would be: because the plain bun doesn’t have any “filling” and so, the bun can’t “fill” anything.

Who's Bluffing?

They also play “BLUFF” the card game,that was one fun family time. But I didn’t stay until the end of the game, Sha and I went out.

So everyone knows there’s nowhere to go in Kuching, I always end up going to the airport. Als used to ask me why do I like to go to the airport, a question like many other people like to ask me. He kept on insisting that I’m just too weird.


It is because I find the airport are quite relaxing *other than, only the Maccas at the airport sells milkshakes*. I don’t just go to the Kuching Airport, even when I was in Perth, I like going to the airport. It calms me down. I guess when I’m there, there’s no rush.  At times, I can hear myself thinking about what’s bothering my mind. Sometimes, I found myself watching the TV at the airport and I do wonder why do I watch the TV at the airport. At the end of the day, I just want to be calm before I go to sleep instead of thinking too much. Today. I want to be a simple and easy to understand person but I think it’s quite hard since I am too picky, demanding and knows what I want too much. It’s worth the try.

I think I’ll introduce my boyfie tomorrow. LoL.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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