Badminton Night

I would only be alive during the night. Last Friday night, I went to Arena Sukan to play badminton with cousins & friends.

Weekly Friday Activity

We usually play from 8pm – 10 pm and afterwards we would have supper or for some, it would mean dinner.

At Atmosphera

This week, we had our dinner/supper at Atmosphera and we were the smelly bunch. I wasn’t even hungry but after I taste Meera’s Bee Hoon Goreng. I ordered mine. Diet = EPIC FAIL. Anyways, I hitch hiked Zayy’s car to Atmosphera and was being noisy and happy. I found out that there’s an echo when you shout under the flyover and so, being me, I sang loudly when we passed by under the flyover. I’m happy again, I mean I am me again. I am hyper, I am you can say speak loudly again. I think I’ve found a bit of myself again. But hey, this journey ain’t over I could be sucked into the black hole again. I don’t want any relapse. So, I’m taking my sweet time right now.

On our way back home, I catch a ride with Ben, Meera and Dd, we rolled down the window and I sang loudly. “When a heartbreaks no it don’t breakeven” and when we stopped at the red light, I feel so ashamed because a few motorcyclist looked at me. Since the windows all rolled down, they could see my face clearly. I don’t know why at times, I really do like to embarrassed myself. But hey, nobody knows me.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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