trouble with the title.

I started working last Friday,  damn it, there goes my sleep in til noon. I will be longing for that from now on. I love to sleep. I really like sleeping.

It was quite boring, I didn’t do anything but I did meet up with half or quarter of the people in the office? I need to learn Mandarin. In any fast way possible. Today’s common word would be “Kanasai” hahaha. But I do not know how to learn it as fast as I can.

My first day, I had lunch with everyone and I’m afraid that I’m too reserved or maybe I’m not used to them yet and I worry that once, I’m used to them, I’ll be too loud. That would be a problem too. haha. I don’t know which part of it would be a problem but yeah.

Terry, my boss. asked if I have a bf in Perth, and I said no. Then, he asked why don’t you have a bf? Seriously, I do not know how to answer that question. I don’t have. I don’t have la, I haven’t had any for the past 5 years. Ha ha ha. That he didn’t know. Most probably he was trying to get to know me better since I’m the new worker or something. Everyone calls him boss. but I’m not used to call anyone boss. So, I think I’m just going to call him by his name. I think that’s alright. Besides how often would I meet or see him? I think hardly, since he is hardly in the office. LOL. Freedom? yes? no?

Today, after I got back from grandma’s house I went to sleep. I do not know why I sleep early but I was damn sleepy. Hence, it’s keeping me up right now and when I woke up. Truth be told that I am missing Alston. Guess, he’s happy with his life and so, he doesn’t need me to be there. Who am I to say anything, I guess we were friends for just a season, a very long season and that season ended. I’m fine, I’ll be alright, all is well for me.

Later days,

Double Zee


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