RWMF 2011.

Yes people, it’s that time of the year. In which, I did not go to that event. I just don’t think it’s all that like how other like it. One reason why I like this event is because most of my friends would fly back home to Kuching to attend this event. So, there’ll be time to hang out. I should have updated whatever happened a.s.a.p. rather than waiting to the last minute. It’s such a bad habit that I should dispose.

Nora having Briyani @ Papadome

Nora came back to Kuching on the 6 July, for her winter break. When she first called, I was so excited but I was out meeting bank people. But we had dinner the night after at Papadome.

The ladies

Angie arrived on Friday with Wai Ling, she is Angie’s ex-colleague but they became friends after she resigned from the company. I’m not sure which company but she’s cool. I mean someone I can be friends with too. Met up with Angie at Hilton’s lobby during lunch, thank god she stayed near my office and of all the day, I had to wear my office uniform. So, Angie being Angie, she make fun of me wearing uniform and damn, I was so tired as I was just got back from inspection from Bau. You see, I have never been to Bau. It was quite an interesting trip and now I know what else my job requires me to do once I can do it on my own *Girl Power!* but Wai Ling is not in the picture.

Angie with a toddler

Anywho, after lunch I went around with Nadia and Gwen. I seriously do need to take my job seriously but hey, at the same time I did meet up with Munee. She’s a personal bank officer at RHB. It was cool, the time I walked into her office, she was on the phone talking about some property. I was like “RIGHT ON TIME”.

We also had dinner plans that night, an 8.30pm dinner turned out to be a 9pm dinner. We had dinner at Magna Carta, I quite like that place, it’s nice and somewhat cosy but I think there’s too many people there. Even though there weren’t that much people at that time. At the same night that all of my mates are going out, it would have to be the same night that I have to sleep at my Grandma’s place. Usually I don’t mind sleeping at her place, it’s just that I can’t go back that late. So, while I was on the way back to my grandma’s place at 11pm. My mates were out having fun. Gah! I miss it! When most of the people aren’t here, I would be at home doing nothing or just sleeping. Especially when I started working, I have been going out less and less.

I spent Saturday afternoon at Main Bazaar, damn. I forgot to take any picture. Went there with Angie, Wai Ling & Angie’s cousins. Wai Ling & I really walked along Main Bazaar, I have never done that all these while I have been living here. I would usually walk quarter of it and just head home. It was quite an experience because Angie decided to ditch us too. But we all meet up at Hills for a tea break before they get ready to go to the second day of Rainfest.  After I sent them to Hilton, I went to Spring for a karaoke session. Before I enter the room, I saw a young girl in a skirt all dressed up, one of her feet against the wall and she was smoking with a bunch of boys. The first thing that came to my mind was, “I bet this girl thinks that she’s all that” She was acting all that while I think others would just see her as “trashy”. I better stop criticizing others, it’s not like i’m any better. I am just way. Haha.

Meera & Arman

Ja Ja & Meera

That night I had a family gathering, Ibu’s side. Grandma talked to me about marriage and finding the person.. errr something along that line. But all I could say was, “I am not thinking about marriage as I don’t even have any boyfriend yet and I think marriage is expensive and I would want to be a bit richer“. I know where grandma is coming from but somehow I actually don’t even want to think about those kind of stuff right now.

Lunch @ Sky Cafe

Creme Brulee

Sunday was fun! Met up with Effa, Aslan, Kat, Nora and Nisya at Sky Cafe. I had Creme brulee, damn it’s nice but it wasn’t that cold. I got my money back and I had a karaoke session, two days in a row.

Karaoke-ing Moment For Life.

But today, it’s with Nora, Nisya and Jas. Yes, I do have a lousy voice but I rock at karaoke as I was always singing loudly. After karaoke, had dinner at Courtyard. It’s yummies…

Hungry look after Karaoke for 3 hours

I’m off to have more sweet mango. Where did you get this Joel?

Later days,

Double Zee


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