Happy Monday Peeps!

Okay, I asked my senior, “Why do people dislike Monday so much?”.  He said,  ” Monday would be the day people tries to recover from the two day holiday (a.k.a the weekend)”.

As for me, I love Monday. If I love my job, I would always love Monday because I will be doing the things that I like for a week *yea, keep the positive thought* But hey, who am I to say since I just started working.

Other than that, I have been happy happy joy joy today. It is because….. I met a guy, more like bumped into a handsome guy in Kuching at Kopi-O-Corner. Too bad, I don’t remember his car plate number or else I could have dig a little. Ha Ha. More like stalking.

I walked to Nisya’s car and knocked on her window, “Hi Baby” The guy walked passed behind me and I saw him through the reflection of Nisya’s car window. He got a very nice body and he wore a greenish shirt. I think I have been talking to much about him today, most probably he’s married or engaged or something. Anyways, Nisya and I sat a few tables down from him and I sat facing him but I was covered by the wall. I usually steal a glance and once I tried to do it, I was caught red handed. He saw me looking at him, I turned away and continued talking to Nisya.

Okay, fast forward! I was about to drive off when he walked to his car and he smiled at me. Thank God, I had my sunnies on because he can’t see me looking at him too. But I think my smile gave away that I ACTUALLY LOOK AT HIM.  I like how he carries a backpack and smiled. When he smile, he’s cute, and when he’s just talking he’s so handsome.

Anyways, that made me happy today. Just a simple random bumping into some handsome guy in Kuching. I like his smile though, it lights up his face. haha. Okay, I just imagined a face on fire. Ha Ha Ha. oh LOIKE.

Enough of my perasan post and let’s get on with life, shall we? *if we ever meet again*

Later days,

Double Zee.


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