There’s a quote that I like so much,

“there is no remedy for love but to love more.” –thoreau

I think that the quote is right, there’s no way for people to cure love but to just try and love people more. Even though you are probably going to get hurt again and million times again but if you don’t love anyone, then, you are just going to be alone. *like i am now*


Here’s a story of a friend of mine.

She has been with this guy named A for quite awhile and throughout those years, she caught him cheating but MAN!! he kept on denying. Then, they are permanently broken up for good and soon after that, she met quite a good guy. The one who will treat her right because as far as I know, he’s a really good guy. Well, I am happy for her. You see, after a long relationship in which she was in a bit of pain while she’s in it. She still give a chance at love to love more after being hurt for quite awhile. Let me just say that 7 years is not a short time. In the end, she met someone who is nice to her and I am happy for her.

This is what I need in my life right now, more like this is what I got to change.

I need to stop getting close with and to anyone because once I get too attached/used to or too close to/with someone, I will miss him/her once we’re not close anymore. But hey, I guess that’s life, easy come and easy go.

Most people I think take me as a very complicated and hard to pleased kind of person. To be honest, I am not. I just know what I want and I like how I want it but when it’s not how I want it, I get cranky. Almost all the time, I would tell people how I want and like my things to be but they make it complicated. Sometimes, I just don’t tolerate dumb people. It’s just wasting my time.

Anyways, I had a fun time at Elin’s little brother’s birthday today and I would update about it soon. Right now, I am too sleepy and I have to wake up in the morning tomorrow. So,

Later days,

Double Zee.


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