What’s left?

Today was rather sad. I guess we are friends that doesn’t even talk to each other anymore. Earlier when I reached home, I looked at the sky and it reminded me of those time where I used to talk to you about the stars, moon, clouds, shooting stars and so on. You would always say, “Zsa, why you so weird? why you notice these kind of thgs? Are you a werewolf?” I would say, “it’s nice, come on look at it” and you’ll be giving me you-weird-face.

Don’t you know how much I miss you? I miss us talking like we used to, I mean we can talk about anything and everything. We could even talk for hours and still chat on msn, at times, we even talk til we ran out of credit. Funny how things end up like this. Funny that one little thing happened and you just stop explaining and just stop looking for me. I thought our friendship was bigger than that and better. I thought when you were so eager to adopt me as your sister, you would really mean it. There I was thinking that I would really have a brother to go to when I want to be a crybaby and you said it’ll be for the longest time.

I guess it’s my fault for trusting what you’ve said all so easily. I was so fine not being close to anyone and you brought down those walls and I let you in. That is why I did not agree for the bro-sis thing in the first place, because people always leave and u just left. Even though you said you will never leave me. But seeing how you were to me, I give in to your request as you said it’ll be for the longest time and you wouldn’t ask anyone else but me.

I don’t know what else to say or express, all I know is that I can’t feel anything much and all I ever want to do is to just lay in bed and let life passed me by. I’ll be better in time.

Later days,

Doublee Zee.


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