A House Design Named Alstonia.

The day started up badly, with all the traffic on my way to work, the dumbfuck drivers who doesn’t understand or don’t know how to signal before changing their lanes, boss still not being able to talk to me straight up. But ended up just nice, with a short trip going back home, less traffic, got an indication in which i am not sure if Aunty got it and I am going to meet up with Aunty Johanna tomorrow morning at 11.30am for a meet, being able to purchase ticket to Singapore at a low price and the signs of Mr.Chin is everywhere.

How ironic the more I am trying to forget about how we are not who we are anymore, every single memories or reminder comes back at every corner. I was doing the indication today and I got to research a type of house and it’s surrounding area. The company named the house design, “ALSTONIA” I giggled a little and got lost in my own thoughts of missing him and how it’s easier when we understand each other much better. Maybe he just doesn’t want to understand anymore or he can’t bare with me anymore because I know I am not an easy person to understand. But hey, a year plus and we have been through a lot of ups and downs in that short while. It’s time for me to learn my lesson again, more or less “do not tell anyone anything because if you do, you’ll start missing them” *that’s actually a quote from a book*.

I was so angry today and it’s pretty crazy on how angry I was, til I don’t even talk to the people at work. I hate my time of the month because I get very ROARR!!!! I don’t care either since I don’t speak chinese and don’t even understand what they were saying most of the time. Bitch puhlease learn your mandarin!!

Later Days,

Double Zee.


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