One thing that guys do that can make girls fall for them. *Man in Action*

I don’t know about you but when I see a man knows what he’s doing IN THE KITCHEN, THAT’S A MAJOR TURN-ON. I am not being a pervert but it’s my honest opinion. After work yesterday, I decided to visit Nadia’s stall at MBKS and she introduced me to this dessert. Cakoi dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with nuts. It’s quite nice. Seriously, you people have to try it and you’ll never see this anywhere else, plus they’re guys who’s doing this business.

Guys cooking

Crunchy Chocolate Cakoi


You can only get it at the MBKS Kuching Fest~ Their stall is just next to the LOK LOK stall. So Ladies & Gents, Do hurry and try, they are selling like HOTCAKES! anyways, I’m gonna eat mine. *om nom nom nom nom*

Later days,

Double Zee.


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