A weekend get away

It is time to stuffed myself up with food. Last weekend, Sha and I flew to KL, she went there to shop and I went there to eat. No wonder I am not getting any smaller but since it’s the fasting month, I should start on my diet and exercise too. hehe. My flight was delayed and they didn’t even tell me. ME + WAITING = NOT SO GOOD ME. I was all hyped up about arriving not to late but it turned out otherwise.

Flight delayed at Kuching Airport

Afiq fetched me from the airport and he sent me to the hotel, after that, I never seen him anymore & I hardly heard from him too. So, Life goes on~ NEXT!

Maccas Breakfast

Saturday, we wanted to grabbed breakfast at the cafeteria but it was damn full and so we walked a couple block down to MACCAS!! Nothing but the good all MACCAS. After breakfast, we went to Sg Wang to get me a new pair of shoes because it’s been raining and I don’t want my feet to get wet while walking around Jalan TAR for tudong& fabric hunting.

Waiting for the train

We used the public transport and I don’t mean taxi or bus, we used the train or they called it KTM/LRT or whatever it is. It’s my first trip to KL that I fully used trains/LRTs to get anywhere. One good experience because now I understand how it function.

i-forgot-the-name-of-the-Burger with Onion Rings

After Jalan TAR, we head to KLCC for lunch but had to wait til 3.30pm for Chilis.

Appetizer Sha ordered

Damn that was long but I managed to buy two cupcakes from Bijoux and went to Kinokuniya. I wanted to walk around Kinokuniya but I was too damn tired and I was pretty excited that I get to go to a bookshop. Back in Perth, i like to go into random bookshop that seems so cool because you will never know books that you’ll find there, really nice books.

Okay. before continuing to write this post, I realized that I did not take pictures at all the places that I went to. Seriously, what was I thinking of. Gah!!


the one that gets me higher than high

5, 4, 3, 2, 1~

After we had lunch, we went to KL Central to catch a taxi and head to IKEA, if i am not mistaken it is at Mutiara Damansara. We planned to grabbed some dinner at IKEA but turns out to be we were still full at that time, Sha and I just walked around Ikano and The Curve Pasar Malam. It was my first time having Tutti Fruitti too and to tell you the truth the texture are like ice, it doesn’t really taste like a FROYO. But then, I am judging from the taste of the FROYO in Perth that I’m addicted to. I do not know why do I always compare what’s available in Malaysia to other countries. I should be grateful that we’re not having any riots *like what’s happening in London right now*

Oh, that night Azam & Ijam fetched us and brought us to Kota Danau Pasar Malam. It was my first time at that pasar malam, it’s quite big and actually, we were still walking around when Azam called and said that we’re going home *boo Azam boo* Oh, they also brought us to a place called, “Mali Kway tiaw” I think! if i am not mistaken that’s the name of that place. We were stucked in traffic for so long when they sent us back to the hotel. I really thank Azam for the night out. I never really explore KL that much. Most of the time, if my parents brings us to KL, I would begged them to let me stay in the apartment. haha.

The next day….is Sunday!

I am hungry, please don't take my picture.

We finally had breakfast at the hotel cafe and it was quite nice, well this is what I ate,

My big American Breakfast

We planned that our last day, we would spend our days near the hotel area like Sg. Wang, Bukit Bintang & Pavillion. First up~ pay my bills at Sg Wang. I really think it’s really fucked up that my money went to phone bills, especially that I am away from Kuching. Out of a sudden I started buying things the moment I lay my eyes on it and of course I would only buy things that costs RM25. Call me cheapskate but seriously there are places that I think the price for the clothes are just ridiculously expensive, compare to the material and such. So, we spent the whole morning til afternoon at Sg. Wang and went to Pavillion for lunch. I went to the Loft too for some pastries and biscuits, that was my purpose to go to KL and so I went.

When we reached Pavi all I ever want was to sit, right after I went through Cotton On & Forever 21.

Tired after walking the whole morning

We walked all over the place and I wanted to see if there’s anything nice at Cotton On but ughh! nothing nice! *i miss Perth’s Cotton On* I saw that they’re gonna open TYPO at Pavi~ DAMN IT! NO! Anyways, back to food, I tried the coronets sold at the food court because in a split second the thought of Corica’s coronets crossed my mind and it was quite filling. Coronet is an Itallian pastry, which is filled with custard. If you like custard, you’ll like it.

Coronet Yummyy

And we had Tony Roma’s for our late lunch, but before we went for lunch, I bought more dessert.

Mochi Sweets

On the top floor of Pavi, I just realized that there’s a place called Tokyo Streets, which I found quite awesome because I bought Mochi Sweets there. When I walked around the place, there was Japanese grocery store, bubble tea shop, Mochi Sweets *at first i gave up because the queue was long and walked there second time, there were no queue*

Anyways, we went back to the hotel around 6.30pm and our flight was delayed too. I really hate it and we had some troubles with transportation going to the airport and in the end, we took the taxi to the airport. My phone just kept on dying on me too~ I love my phone ever so dearly.

It was my first holiday with a friend of mine and it was quite awesome.

Sha & I waiting for the train.

Before I end this post, I would like to say, I bought the most expensive pen ever invented at the train station. Seriously, I actually feel pity at the guy and when he knows that I was from Kuching, he was all excited and he told me that he was from BDC. Man, who wouldn’t buy something from a person that’s from your hometown? *Sha said I should ignore but she left me stranded eaten by the hawk* haha. Somehow I regret buying the pen, but when I think if I were to be in his shoe, I would want someone to stop and at least reconsider the souvenirs that I designed, PLUS KL WAS DAMN HOT I WOULD NEVER PUT MYSELF IN THAT SITUATION, THATS WHY I PITY HIM.

Good bye,

Later days,

Double Zee.

P/s: will get more picture from Sha’s phone because mine died on my constantly.


7 thoughts on “A weekend get away

    • Madzoon and fro yo hillarys are the same yoghurt ( a liquid base), so i like both.
      Tutti frutti ( theres one in Leedervile now….. its an American francise thats big in asia as well), yoggoramor, red spoon, Cups frozen yoghurt, and yo-get-it are all made from powder and are a little bit more tarty.

      However anything 98% fat free has got to be good for you hasnt it…. Just go easy on the toppings!

      • awhh.. thanks for the info, didnt know that they are the same.
        When i tried the one at hillarys, I didn’t like the texture of the froyo. Same goes to Tutti Fruitti in Malaysia, when i try the texture’s kinda different, the texture’s a bit icy. But when i tasted Madzoon, it’s like a soft serve ice cream.

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