For the first time in a month plus, I would like to say “Thank God It’s Friday!!” and for once, I feel so relived that it’s Friday. I guess this week was quiet hectic for me at the office, as I just got my first case and I was nervous! I guess it was because my senior colleague went with me, to see my progress but the thing is, knowing that he’s there with me, I got nervous. But hey, at least I got someone to be my living proof.

Last weekend, I was selling cheesecake in a cup at Hills with Gwen and I was hoping to sell more of it but I got busy with work, then the cheesecake ends up in the fridge at home. My younger siblings seems to like it, I guess kids do like food that are colorful and neon like color. On top of the cheesecake I put jelly, it comes in three flavor; raspberry, mango and blueberry.

Earlier tonight I break my fast at Borneo Convention Center Kuching, it was quite awesome because there were variety of food and I tasted almost all of the served dishes. I went there with Nadya, Mimi, Haziq, Zayy and Esel.

Due to my phone crashed, i have lost all the pictures. Booo!! The food’s alright and nice. Hehe.


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