Weekend Get Away – Singapore

Two weeks ago, I had a weekend get-away with Dya to Singapore. Aunty and uncle was there too but aunty was sick, she was asleep when I arrived at the hotel.

The trip was awesome, made me think if i should find a job in Singapore. Being in Kuching after that week, kinda reminds me of why i left Kuching right after I finish my Secondary school. A few of my friends are currently workingthere, they’ve been enjoying their stay and got their fair share of stress.

When I was about to leave Kuching, I only have one thing on my mind and that is……….and when I reached the hotel, it was around 8 – 8.30pm.

So, Dya and I went strolling around Orchard Road. I kept on telling her that I can’t believe that i’m in Singapore after a fucked up week in Kuching.

The one thing on my mind was of course! Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, which I had on my way back to the hotel.

The next day, we went and watched “Lion King The Musical” at the Marina Bay Theater. We spent half of the day there and we had lamb chop for lunch at the Food court.

Gondola Ride inside Marina

We were given a private tour by Jonathan at the LV Island and it’s awesome, you can ask whatever you want 😛

With Jonathan

View from the LV island:

Closest thing i get to Merlion

After Day and I tried to cover the whole shopping  mall, we went back to the hotel. Not that we can’t carry anymore shopping bags 😛 but we had dinner with aunty & uncle at the Royal Plaza on Scotts that night and the dessert was nice.

After dinner, we continued our journey to FarEast Plaza and Cinelesuire but we can’t carry on that long. Out of a sudden I feel dizzy when we reached the top of Cineleisure and we both decided to go back to the hotel. I think the headache was caused by being up for more than 12 hours that day. But it was worth it!!

The day that we went back we did a bit of last minute shopping and I had to compare these;

Macarons @ CaneleCanele Macarons: They have 10 t0 eleven flavors but it’s so sweet. Trust me, if I say it’s sweet, it is damn sweet. When I passed by this place, I thought of having sweet desserts with Nora and I bet she’ll like it.

TWG Macarons: They have these tea taste flavor and so I prefer macarons from TWG. So, TAKE NOTE PEOPLE! BUY ME MACARONS FROM TWG ONLY! Anyways, they have around 10 flavors too and they’re all yummy! So please do try when you’re at Singapore. We don’t have TWG in Malaysia. FML.

Sorry for the late post.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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