Life Lesson, When Will I Ever Learn?


They say, “Only a fool makes the same mistakes twice“.

A few minutes ago, I kept thinking about what I’ve learn in my life so far and somehow I came across a trend of lesson that kept on repeating OVER & OVER AGAIN. I guess I never learn that lesson, that’s why it kept on repeating all the time.

Okay honestly, the sudden thought about it is because I saw my ex’s facebook *since I am too free in the office right now* I think he’s in a relationship with some kid again. I mean he’s a few years older than me and I do understand how guys prefer girls who are very young but if you expect to be a relationship that would lasts until marriage, Can YOU PLEASE BE MORE REASONABLE?

I do understand that there are some people by the age of 30 married to a 20 year old lady but you have to consider their level of maturity and how they bring themselves in the world. If you’re with a young girl, who still thinks of partying every weekend and what the vindication of others are more important than any other thing, SERIOUSLY she is not the type that you’re gonna bring home to mum to marry for your age. If you do, you’ll end up babysitting your whole life or at least however long your marriage duration is.

Okay, rather than talking about my ex’s life lesson I might as well talk about my own mistake that I kept on doing OVER & OVER AGAIN. To be honest, it’s not fun but I do not know how dumb I can get to let it happen over & over again. What the hell is wrong with me?

During my last summer holiday I was determined to never open up and get close to people. Then Mandarin class happened,  I met Alston and he was so awesome. I also thought that we’re not going to be friends for long because this is just a holiday, nothing ever lasts whatever happened during the holiday. Through Alston I have met Kelvin and he is a nice friend too, we whatsapp’ed from time to time like once in a blue moon being random.

Anyways, I grew close with Alston and it was nice having him around. When I don’t want to see him, he’ll contact me and when I don’t want to contact him, he’ll be texting me. Even when I went back to Perth, we talked almost everyday online and I was so ready to leave people that I met during the holiday behind but with him, I can’t, I do not know why. Then, he proved himself to be a good friend and brother *different story about this brother thing* He was always there for me, through the ups and downs of my life, he was always there saying things as it is and his level of understanding me at times just amazes me. He understands when everyone was against me and I would do the same for him too.

A year passed and all the things that he ever made me agree with his promises becomes words and nothing. I do not know, I feel like my best friend disappeared and other people judged as if they really know how it was and how I feel. I do not like him to be in a relationship with him and if I do, I wouldn’t because I don’t want to ever lose him in my life. When I said that he’s important to me, indeed he is because I have never met anyone like him before. Now, things changed and it’s maybe for the greater good. EMBRACED THE PAST BUT NEVER LIVE IN IT, LET GO!

So my lesson is, When you feel that it’s never going to lasts like how he feel it’s going to last, I’m always right! Nothing ever lasts.

Now I feel a tad bit sad.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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