Weekend, A Day In The City.

Oh it’s that time again but it’s just over the South China Sea and so, I went to KL city with Nadya (Dya), Azzrina (Ina) & Affiza (Fiza).

I went to KL on the 12th November, it was for…I don’t have any reason to be there but to just walk around & eat! I booked the first flight out of Kuching on a Saturday morning. It was my mistake, I was supposed to booked the second flight out but was to caught up talking to the MAS guy, I forgot the time that I was supposed to booked. Mind you the flight was at 6am and the night before was Imping’s tekul, I even made it to Alston’s house to hand him his present: The black book & the classic cars.

So, I drove myself to the airport and I feel happy & sleepy but more to happy because there’s no fucktard drivers around. It was a smooth sailing drive to the airport and I made it on time, went straight to board the plane. I love it when I don’t need to wait in line or anything.

The Road That Was Taken

The Road That Was Taken

I walked to the apartment as it was 5 minutes walk from KL Central and it was quite a long train ride because the other train was having rail troubles. When I reached the apartment I said, “Assalamualaikum” all over the apartment just for the sake of it. I wanted to sleep in the room but after careful consideration I decided to sleep in the living room, infront of the TV as it felt more safer.

Didn’t realized when Dya, Ina & Fiza called when they arrived at the apartment, I felt asleep around 9 plus am and Dya went to her dental appointment. Whilst the three of us were at home, Fiza was ironing uncle’s clothes, Ina was making hot drinks & I ate a delicious ice cream *You can’t find it in Kuching*:

Snickers Ice Cream

Snickers Ice Cream

We went to KLCC first, two mothers went to buy clothes for their toddlers. Seriously, it made me want to have a baby so that I can dress them up wearing whatever I want them too. Hahaha *evil laugh* But when I look at the stroller and such, it made me realized that Kids in the future are going to be damn expensive. SERIOUSLY DAMN EXPENSIVE. I’m going to move into the jungle and send them to Pondok school, save some money and send them overseas for their higher education. Haha. We pit-stopped at Bijoux and I had the melting moment *it’s supposed to melt in the mouth but it didn’t*;

Bijoux Melting Moments & Lemonade Soda

Bijoux Melting Moments & Lemonade Soda

Cupcakes @ Bijoux

Cupcakes @ Bijoux

Went to Harrods and bought the macaroons and it’s not nice, I mean the texture of the macaroons was supposed to be soft but these ones were hard and crunchy. Me no likey!



We had a late lunch at Tony Roma’s Pavillion. It was heaven in my mouth and a bit of food orgasm. Very Naice~ Food that we had;

Ina's meal

Ina's meal; ribs&chicken tenders with chips and mashed potatoes

Fiza's Meal

Burger with chips

Dya's Meal

Dya's Meal; Wagyu steak with chips & mashed potatoes

My meal

My meal; ribs & chicken tenders with mashed potatoes, chips & honey mustard

After lunch, we walked around some more. The middle of the Pavillion were the Christmas decorations, it look so awesome from above. Yet, there’s more restaurants and food that I have to go and eat.

Pavi's Xmas Deco

Pavi's Xmas Deco

Then, we head to the airport around 9pm and SLEEP, when I arrived!!

Disgusting story from the trip:

We were at Dorothy Perkins Pavilion and Dya was infront of the store when she saw a couple was doing some serious PDA. As in, the girl were sitting on top of the guy while his arms were around her…Okay, if this were the only thing that’s happening we wouldn’t care. Mind you they are malays. haha. Where were the JAKIM when this happened?

Back to my story, his arms were around her while his hands were fondling her boobs like in public, are you fo-shizzle?  I told Dya, “They should just go get a room,” and Dya said, “No, they better go home, SEPARATELY, go back to their own home”. He was like also bouncing her on his lap, you have no idea how big the girl is, you practically can’t see the guy. I understand that love surpasses all these physical thing but girl, seriously, where’s your dignity? How could you let the guy do that to you in public?

They were also doing in while there were a family sitting next to them. You’re in an open space, I know people shouldn’t care and just mind their own business but seriously, we’re going to call ourselves a muslim country while projecting all these images towards all the foreigners. You must be fucking kidding me.

Enough crapping.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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