I’m on a mission; to dissed people who interfere..

Hear me rant!

I reposted this on facebook; and my aunt from my biological mum’s side commented and said;

O Mistletoe Mistletoe you know who jot?….the person make u exis in this worlds…..

I replied, “huh” but in fact, I actually wanted to say,

“yes it was strong of her to disposed of her kids. so please dont try to make me realize anythg. i went through shit in life that only god knows how hard it is.”

SO, fuck it. No one is and are allowed to make me feel guilty over something that I didn’t do. Don’t make me feel like I was to blame for everything that she went through. Forgiving her was one big gesture, so please don’t fucking try and tell me that it’s my fault for me being distant to her. FUCK U PEOPLE, U DON’T KNOW SHIT, U DIDN’T GO THROUGH SHIT THAT I WENT THROUGH. IT WAS FUCKING HARD EVEN TIL NOW. SO FUCKING STOP IT, STOP INTERFERING!

Later days~

You know what, I think I’m stronger!


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