A weekend Getaway @ the Vampire City

Last weekend I went away with the family (Mother, Father, Brother, Aunty Dot, Aunty Normah (Uncle Safri’s sister), Uncle Safri, Uncle Zul). We went there on the 16 Dec 2011 until 19 Dec 2011.

It was my first time going there, and it was way hotter than Kuching. The roads are crazy, they still shower in the river where rubbish floats BUT their mall were better than the ones in Kuching.

They have;

1) A&W

2) Nice Fro-yo

3) Dunkin Donuts

4) J.Co Donuts

5) American something

6) Cheap Seafood

7) Nice “sop buntut

It was nice having to taste real Indo food again, can’t really find any in Kuching.

Our purpose of going here is to buy stuff for Imping’s wedding. Mine was to be at the Equatorial point/line, in which I didn’t get to witness. The Equatorial point/line is where you can’t see your own shadow when the sun is right above your head but it only happen on certain dates. So, I just took a few picture since the other Equatorial point/line is in Brazil *when am i going to go there?*

We went there by bus and it sure as hell wasn’t easy but hey, there’s always the first time for everything. Along the way, I witnessed quite mind wondering view and very nice view of the mountains, hills and paddy field.

When we reached there it was night time and after we freshen up, we went for food at the next door shopping mall.

The next day, we went to the textile shop, where we spent countless hours choosing the material for everyone. Imping also made his own suit here.

The thing is we went to that textile shop everyday since the first day we arrived and I was kinda unhappy about it because it’s just too long, I don’t have high level of patience.

We arrived on Friday night, but we can’t do anything much as it was night time and all we did was to looked for food.

Day 1 (Saturday) ; choosing the textile according to groups of people to be distributed.

Day 2 (Sunday) ; more textile choosing at the same place, plus had everything done by the tailor there & we went to the Equator line too & card choosing day.

Day 3 (Monday); went to the same textile shop and I didn’t even stepped out of the car. WHY? we went there for three days straight, everything wouldn’t change overnight!! 

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