I was out with a friend of mine last night and he mentioned the word “change”. There in my mind, I kept thinking did I change or what change or who changed?

looking at schoolmates.

best of friends became enemies.

enemies became friends.

some of the religious schoolmates suddenly got this english name.

some started to be a heavy drinker, drug addicts, slutty whores & much more.

looking at the world.

north korea’s PM *is it? or shud i just say ruler?* died.

earth-quake all over the world.

the equatorial line moved 12 m from the original place.

the economy is going down.

people kill just for a NIKE shoe *happened during boxing day in London*.

It’s just crazy.

I am not going to say I didn’t change. I did. I even broke my own rules. One thing that I swore to myself that I won’t do, I did. But then I guess everyone change from some great, good, or bad. what am i rambling about?

Now, I know how to cook and bake. *ok boleh nikah*

The thing that I need to change the most is my own religious side. I can’t carry on living like this, it’s just too much and too out of control for me to handle anymore.


Later days,

Double Zee


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