10 Years Gone By

It’s 2012, Wow! How time flies, 10 years ago was 2002 and I was only 15 years old.

In 2002,

  1. I was sitting for my PMR.
  2. My first boyfriend was Afiq. I always call him “drummer boy”.
  3. Happy-go-lucky
  4. Don’t know how to cook, bake or anything that relates to the kitchen.
  5. I was 60 kg. hahaha.
  6. I don’t give a damn about people’s view.
  7. I was ready to take on the world on my own.
  8. I was still in secondary school.
  9. I only wear shorts, baby-tees & sk8 shoes.
  10. What I wanted to be was to make people happy.
  11. Be a bubble blower.
  12. Play guitar
  13. Write poetry
  14. I don’t care how I look
  15. Soft-hearted
  16. I never stepped foot in clubs, bars, pubs.
  17. Loud all the time

In 2012,

  1. I’ve graduated from Curtin Uni Perth
  2. Quiet person.
  3. I am back in Kuching
  4. Currently working as an Executive Property Valuer
  5. I can cook for 15 people.
  6. I like baking.
  7. I am still friends with Afiq. He’s just adorable. LOL.
  8. I know how to wear heels! *amazeballs* without tripping.
  9. I like dancing in the club with my sober sister.
  10. I go to the bar to drink Cola.
  11. Tired of making people happy. I’m trying to make myself happy instead.
  12. Starting to be self-conscious about my hair, appearance and all that jazz.
  13. I don’t write anymore.
  14. I don’t play guitar nor write poetry.
  15. I weight 75kg
  16. I am no longer happy-go-lucky, more to depressed all the time.
  17. The only time I dressed up is when I go dancing or suit-up dinner.
  18. I think about money for the future.
  19. I think about getting my own property
  20. Marriage.
  21. The heart is as hard as a rock and as cold as Ice.
  22. Start exercising, want to reach the ideal weight.
  23. Love exploring new restaurants

Things that remains the same;

  1. I am still picky or became more picky.
  2. Still demanding.
  3. Dislike being in Kuching.
  4. Hardly smile.
  5. Cranky when too tired.
  6. The needs & wants to travel.
  7. My love to learn other culture
  8. Indecisiveness
  9. Egotistic
  10. & many more good & bad personality

Things I learned in that 10 years,

  1. Friends can be such a pain in the ass, a backstabber, a crazy fucker, a retarded bitch & shameless cunt. *take your pick*
  2. Some people are with you for the money
  3. People use you for what you can bring to the table.
  4. How to cook and bake.
  5. Manage my financial account lousily
  6. People likes to twist and turn their words when they are caught lying or cheating.
  7. There’s no more honest people or people just choose who they want to be honest to.
  8. Money is the root to all evil 😛
  9. People come and go as they want.
  10. Families are the best! Inc cousins, aunties, uncles & so on.
  11. People are with you, only for something.
  12. How guys supposed to treat a lady.
  13. & geez, the list goes on and on

I should stop giving all this negative points because no one ever said that life was going to be easy. I just got to suck it in and embrace everything that comes.

Later days,

Double Zee


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