A WICKED Weekend in Singapore

On the 18th February 2012, Nadya and I went to Singapore to watch WICKED; the broadway musical. So, okay, I shed a tear during the second part and that was because Fiyero was turned into a scarecrow, just when Elphaba and him got together.

Elphaba & Glinda to the Emerald CIty

It was awesome and everyone should fly to Singapore to watch it, check out the Marina Bay Sands Theater for more details.

We arrived around afternoon and we just roamed around Orchard road. I was so excited for Ben & Jerry’s but the parlour closed down. Do you know how devastated I was? It was one of my reason to go to Singapore, to eat my favourite ice cream. Then again, I can always find them in tubs at 7-eleven there.

We were damn hungry when we arrived and Alston told me to go to Marche to try the Salmon Crepes. Guess what happened? We didn’t find the place, Alston and I argued about the direction. When I called him he said it was behind Lucky Plaza and in his whatsapp messsage, it’s behind the building opposite Lucky Plaza (which is Paragon and I was there) and near to the Orchard Central (near the Orchard Central is the 313 bldg). Knowing that both of us won’t back down on this matter, I just replied to him in Bahasa Sarawak saying, “Malas nok kelayi eh. Klak jak carik gk” That sentence ended the miscommunication, to tell the truth I am getting weary of little miscommunication like that.


Then we take our breakfast and lunch at the food court, it was quite nice though, the fried oyster. Oh I miss Perth’s chilli mussels.

We SUITED UP for the show because from the past experience we went there for Lion King The Musical, everyone suited up. While we were at Orchard, Dya was looking for something to wear too and I told her that I brought a dress already.

During the 15 minutes break of the show, there queue to buy drinks were so long that we decided to just take picture of the environment and it feels incredibly awesome. lol. I really love the environment and I just can’t stop saying it.

I’ll just flash forward to after the show ends, when we were hungry, don’t know where to eat and was roaming around Marina Bay going into a few shops that are still open. In the end, we went back and walked to Arab St to buy some stuff. On our way back to the hotel, I was feeling a tiny bit hyper, so I asked, “Dya, I’m hyper, can I talk to him?” She replied, “No, don’t talk to him, don’t be too friendly to strangers” I giggled and laughed a few times as she told me not to talk to him or asked him where I can find a place to eat at this hour. It was kind of funny because we both kept quiet when he started to drive like someone is after his car. We made an assumption that he’s young but he got to work and so he’s missing out on a Saturday night with his friends.

On sunday, we woke up early to go to Mustapha Center, a place where I don’t really like to go because of my midnight experience there. It was my first time going back there after 4/5 years. I went there to buy perfume for my friend and Dya bought a few packets of Hershey’s kisses.

Then, we went to Orchard Road to look for a few more things…but we decided to have breakfast before we go on and we went to Coffee Club, we ordered CHORIZO but the reason we ordered that because the scrambled eggs, toast and the chicken pattie. but not knowing what CHORIZO is, we ordered. Dya asked if the chicken patty contains pork and the waitress said no but the mushroom and chorizo is read this from wikipedia After the waitress apologized for her mistake, in which Dya and I doesn’t even think that it was her fault but she said sorry anyways. I LOVE SINGAPORE. My guilty feeling only lasts for 5 minutes after she apologized for nothing but Dya felt guilty, the waitress even said that it won’t be charged to us. Yeay!

In the end, we had Smoked salmon Bagel . It was quite nice too but I’m not fond of raw food that much but I can eat sushi. hehe. By the time we hit the airport, I was sort of sick and I almost puked so I limit my hyperness and food intake. haha

Later days,

Double Zee.


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