I don’t want to forget the memories.

For the past week I have been missing ACKS, I tried not to think and keep myself busy but at the end of the night, the thought of him slowly creeps  from the back of my mind.

I know that people would say forget him, don’t think of him, why bother? But the thing is nobody really know how it was. Those memories were only shared between two people;  me and him.

But lately, my mind went back to the first time we went out and through all the good and bad ones….

The first time we went out, it was on a Friday night I misplaced my phone and used yours to look for it, we were mind-fucked when my number called back, hearing my sister’s voice at the end of the receiver was hilarious.

It was raining heavily after the class and we just stood there looking at the rain, while everyone else went straight home. We continued talking even when it drizzles but we ended up in the same car, going out for dinner at Atmosphera. You tried to convince me that you’re a good driver and that I am safe as your passenger.

One of the things that I remember that night was you tried to convinced me to go to the SHEDA dinner and I kept saying NO. We talked alot on our first hanging out session as friends. We were complete strangers but we went out and had a great time. You drove 40 km/ per hr and I was pretty restless because I have never been in a slow moving car.

The other thing that make me smile when I thought of that night was when you were sending me back to my car, you were still driving 40km and we didn’t talk much but I was singing to The Beatles. The rain became heavier and it didn’t feel awkward nor ashamed, considering that I’m a lousy singer. It was fun. And you sang with.

I know I can’t go back to how our friendship used to be. But I miss it, I really do. If I could turn back time to relived that one night, I would because it was a spontaneous fun night on getting to know each other. Since then, we kept on talking…..



You came to my house with Kel Ting and the three of us went for lunch at Sushi King @ the Spring. Kelv and Als had their internship together and I met Kelv through Als. It’s a great pleasure to know Kelv too and we’ve became good friends. There on forward, we had lunch session for quite number of times. I had my first Yee Sang with them and watch a scary Thai movie and Als screamed like a girl but it was a fun day.


I don’t feel like reminiscing right now. So whatever brings after…none of us knows because we don’t talk anymore.


Later days,

Double Zee.


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