Happy Birthday to the 20th March People/Babies

March, I used to dislike this month because when I was in school there’s a whole bunch of my friends and school & classmates would be celebrating their birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people. It’s just that if I buy each and everyone of them presents, I would be damn broke. But since I was still in school, I don’t even have that much money to buy everyone a present. So, to be fair, I just wish everyone a Happy Birthday.

Anywho, there’s two people who is celebrating their birthday today.

First and foremost would be my own baby nephew, Raffi who turns 1 years old. We are going to celebrate his birthday this Saturday. Stay Tune!

Happy Birthday Raffi~ Happy Birthday Raffi~ Happy Birthday to Raffi~ Happy Birthday to you!!!

Raffi, Jack Jack

Secondly, Bong is my manager and today, he turned 55 years old.

I appreciate all the help you’ve given me, I hope for you to have a joyous life and everything good.

Bong's Bday Cake

Happy Birthday Bong~

Meet Bong, The 55 years old man

I was having a bad day today and I thought of turning my frown upside down. So, a better way to do that was to spend it on something that I like and it is of course, FOOD!!

Hey everyone enjoys the cake~ It’s enough to make me happy today, well at least for a few hours.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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