Dinning night at Chef @ Home

Last night I went to Chef@Home for dinner, it was my first time there and they practically postponed the dinner for a week. When I say they, I mean Zayy, Aimi, Nana, Aiman, Yas and Aini. Aiman is Nana’s boyfriend, it was my first time meeting him and he reminds me of Abang a.k.a Azril a.k.a Gym Guy.

Whenever we all meet, it would take us ages to order because we would talk, joke and laugh while reading the menu. Then, I would decide what to eat only when the waiter or waitress come to the table and take our menu. By that time, you would only have the decision to order or wait for who knows how long to order and wait for your food.

The roasted potatoes was nice. according to Aimi.

Aimi's Meal

Aimi's Meal

The caesar salad is to die for! tasty, healthy & delicious!

Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

This is my new favourite dish that can only be found at Chef@Home.

Chicken with Mashed Potatoe

Chicken with Mashed Potatoe

One thing everyone should know is that we love our desserts!

I bought the cupcakes from Zulfa, who is currently doing this business while waiting for her employers to call her. The cupcake was nice, filling and rich with taste. Everyone should try, the only thing that I didn’t like was the cream cheese topping. Others might like it because I think everyone would, it’s not to my liking because I’m just weird this way.

Bello's Cupcakes

Nana homemade Nutella puff was nice, please Nana~ I want more!!

Nutella Puff

The night didn’t end after dinner, we went to the park next to it and play at the playground. It was nice and creepy at the same time because the park was quite dark and we were playing with the glow stick that Jasmine bought. We tried to do some photography effect but it did not work out the way they wanted it. Of course! I was just posing and laughing~

Before we went home, Yasmine wanted to play some Korean game where none of us actually knows how to play and it took us about probably 15 minutes to start the game which didn’t turned out the way she wanted it to be because she, herself kept on laughing.

We all went home all sweaty, smelly and stuffed! Oh Happy Days!


Later days,

Double Zee.


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