I’ve graduated two years ago and I’ve started working about 7 to 8 months ago. Yes. I am that lazy because I know for sure once I start working, there’s no where on this earth my family would let me stop working and take a year off.

This whole week or so, would be my friends graduation ceremony. Some would be in Kuching and some would have to go across the South China Sea. Seeing them in their robe reminds me of the day my graduation ceremony. It was a fun event, it was nerve wrecking, happyness, relief because after years of studying, I am free from it but right now I want to get myself into it again!

Graduation is something that most people go through in life and when you shake the hand of the professor, you’ll feel relieved that everything is over but now, you are left to think about the future. People might think that highschool was life but no it isn’t. University life would be the best years of your life then, reality kicks in when you graduate and you have to look for a job. THAT IS LIFE.* i guess? i think? who really knows?*

Enough crapping!

I would like to say,






That’s all for now. Will update graduation celebration dinner once everyone is in Kuching.

Later Days,

Double Zee


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