Life is how it is. Recently, I just see it as, “It is what it is”

People, be it your family, friends or acquaintances or ourselves for that fact.

Could only feel what we feel and yet, we don’t give a rats ass about how other feels.

We’ll try to think of others that matters to us first but then, in the midst of hatred, everything is forgotten.

We bother about what we, ourselves go through.

In the end, it depends on how you’re going to handle it.

Let it be, ignore it or keep it inside til you hurt yourself.

In my case, I  keep it inside until I have to get help and was diagnosed as Major Depression since I was a kid. See, I don’t even know that my hatred was til that level but like I said now, “it is what it is”.

Now, I don’t want to do anything that is or are going to make me feel depressed or anything because they don’t know how it feel. Nobody does.

I can assure you that anti-depressant was my bestfriend whenever I’m at home in Kuching. Everyone can just do and be whatever they want and I would still be happy or numb. Until the day, a few of my friends voiced their concern about me being on meds most of the time.

The last thing I could say is;

“U say what u want to say. Know what u want to know & believe what u want to believe. But have u ever thought if its any easier for us?”

& times like these I miss Alston, he was always there when my mind go haywire (we no longer talk) and the way I handle it is to listen to the mix cds he gave to me.

Later days,

Double Zee


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