Thankful August.

Today I woke up I came up with some kind of system for my life.

I figured life’s too short to be sad and dwell on the bad things in life.

So, August would be the first month that I start with this system.

Roughly the idea of the system would be something like putting goals monthly with positive attributes, emotions, habits and things I want to achieve.

It is so that month by month I would at least try to be  a better person for myself.

In the month of August:

  • It’s a Thankful August – Everyday or night, I should remember & think of the things that I am thankful for in my life.
  • Lose another 5kg.
  • Join Aerobox, yoga & go to gym.
  • Read 5 books : Something About You (Julie James), Textbook Romance (Zoe & Hamish), Something Borrowed (Emily Giffin), The Anger Control Workbook (Matthew Mckay) & Cara2 untuk sembahyang.
  • Smile often

I don’t want to list down loads of things to do in a month because if it’s too much, I won’t do any of it.

Wish me luck on this new system I’m trying.


Later days,

Double Zee.


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