5. Oh Technology!

I love Technology *at times I really do hate it*

But I was missing my life in Perth, the people that I hanged out actually.

I miss Ede!

I miss Nora & Niess, we used to do things together quite often. dress up dinners in the city, the suburb hoping, cafe’s adventures and so on.

So I am thankful for technology because I get to whatsapp them, talk to them for free and even chat conferencing. It was thrilling.

After Nora went to sleep the other night, Niess and I watched “Halloween” together despite the fact that we’re in two different state. We were so anxious about the movie and kept on talking and talking about the movie until it ends. Even though, we were at the same place but having someone to watch a movie with even in that condition was fun.

Nora even whatsapp us the picture of her mee goreng. oh I miss her mee goreng. I really miss it because if it’s not for her mee goreng, I wouldn’t eat that kind of noodle before. Then again, I would only like Nora’s noodle, how she cooks it.

It is also for when my siblings are away, we keep in touch through technology too! yipee!!

Yeay for technology people, it keeps us all together when we’re miles apart and in different country.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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