Lies. Lies. Lies.

I guess it’s part of our human nature to lie, everyone does it, even me but I sure don’t encouraged anyone to lie.

Lies, either white lies or huge ass lies tend to explode in our face. Like a straight up slap on the face and once everything are exposed, to save yourself, you either lie or just face the fact that you are caught!

I think my little siblings are great liars. They hide things and when I caught them lying, they still want to lie. I told them so many times to stop lying. But then again, why would they want to listen? Partially I guess I don’t really care because it’s not me, it’s them.

I am thinking of random things at the moment and this post won’t be about one thing because I feel like venting out tonight.

I, honestly dislike my life in Kuching ever since I was in primary school. I hate to come back home. I just don’t like being at my own house, I would rather stay in school and do nothing. Join afternoon classes so that I don’t need to go back home.

Home is where the heart is…so they say. He or she that said that never have felt how I’ve gone through life. No self pity pls. but just imagine before you start being all high up when you want to advice people.

I’ll ramble more someday. I need to pack my things.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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