The theme for November

It’s almost the end of October and I’ve skipped the goals for September & October. Those two months was filled with family and friends being back in Kuching and so, it’s a must to spend time with them but now, most of them went back to Uni. *Oh how I wish I can follow them*

It was quite hard for me to think of the November theme. So, for November what I should do is..

  1. Start sewing class
  2. Go to swim class
  3. Continue looking for a part-time job
  4. Spending money would only be rm500
  5. Finish the proposal by early November
  6. Get the website running
  7. Don’t miss ngaji night except for when I can’t
  8. Start fasting
  9. Lose 8 kgs
  10. Stick with one hobby!

As for my attitude,

  1. Smile to a different random person everyday
  2. Less going out & wasting money
  3. Be more hardworking in everything I do
  4. Stop swearing *pay rm1 to my swearing jar*
  5. Be more friendly *I try, I won’t promise*
  6. Not letting bullshit get into my life.
  7. Stop thinking too much about money.

Haha! Those are the things that I would do for November. Let’s just hope that I would really do it. Lol.


Later days,

Double Zee


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