Here’s what I think about people and feelings.

If you show very little of it:- you have a heart of stone or you’re a bitch for not giving a fuck towards anything or just bitter.

If you show too much of it or tell people how you feel:- you’re an emotional person or too expressive.

Everyone would never be satisfy with anything. Why can anyone take things as is? So there’s no need to think excessively about thing and end up hurting other people’s feelings.

What RIGHT does anyone have to hurt your feelings? – NONE! you’ll hurt as long as you let it hurt you.

People and feelings; everyone needs it and everyone always say how everyone needs to take care of each others feelings. Here’s the thing, if you care too much about how other people feels and they’re not doing the same. It’s damn pointless. It’s fucking pointless even if you’re friends with them since forever.

Moral of the story, don’t ever put your feelings on other people’s hand even your friends. It’s because they might use it against you and probably be happy that they’ve successfully hurt your feelings (or what’s left of it).

But you are not allowed to hurt their feelings because theirs are just too fucking sensitive.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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