Long Overdue Happy New Year!

Welcome to the year 2013!

The year 2012 was awesome, amazing, crazy, fantastic and everything that anyone could ever imagined. Whatever happened during 2012 was a life changing lesson. 

It’s the second week of 2013, what’s your plan for this new year? What’s your goals? What’s your mission? What do you want? 

One plan or goals or mission for every year would be for me to weight 55 kg. But I kept on screwing that up. I’m not sure if I should keep it in my list or just let it go. haha. 

What I know is that I need to minimize my spending, i need to save up more than spending. after deducting everything than I can use the money to spend. 

I shall finish my swim class within this month of January (Amin).

Okay, screw it! 55kg still on my list and I’m going to achieve it before June! 

Effa’s wedding would be in June, so I need to lose weight by April so that I’ll have time to make my baju for her wedding.

Not to forget, graduation dresses. haha! 

I am trying to spend rm200 permonth for my unnecessary things. 



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