Nice things.

I’m sitting behind my cubicle and I thought of nice things.

Nice things would be:

  1. When your friends or family remembers what you like or dislike and don’t think that you’re picky.
  2. When your friends or family bought something without you asking for it.
  3. When your friends or family randomly text you because you haven’t talk in awhile.
  4. When you found money in the middle of the streets.
  5. When you walked out of the door and you feel the warmth of the sun shine.
  6. When you get free things when you had a bad day.
  7. The warm hot chocolate on a winter day.
  8. Being in bed with a nice book on a winter day.
  9. The flowers in Spring.
  10. The leaves in Autumn.
  11. The beach in Summer.
  12. Exploring a new city.
  13. Knowing the history of a place or building.
  14. The view of the sunrise or sunsets.
  15. The view of the stars and moon, when you’re in the plane.
  16. When you reached the airport and you get to witness the twilight.
  17. Found a new cafe to hang out.
  18. Found a bookstore that you can spend hours in.
  19. Found a new restaurant with your friends on a random the night out.
  20. Catching up with old school friends.
  21. Catching up with old crushes.
  22. Get a friend to send you food when you are hungry and doesn’t want to go out.

That’s all I could think of now.

Hope you feel the same.

Later days,

Double Zee.


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