things that change with the same old excuses.

Things change and changes are something that no one can avoid, as we change every single day.

But why try to convinced me that it didn’t?

Before even you were in class you would still reply my text messages,

Yet, you never said that I text you at the wrong time,

It didn’t take you half a day to reply a single text,

And yet, I’m the one who over thinks.


Maybe on other thing, I over think but of course, I know the difference on how you used to be.

I never wanted anything but things to just be the same.

But it went the other way,

and I went back to depression without even me noticing it.


Yes, two weeks ago I decided that I can’t be friends with you,

because I don’t think friendship should make anyone this sad.

I am sad about it too and seeing that he doesn’t care that we, no longer talk.

Clearly shows that I’m just a spec of dust in one’s life. LoL.


The past week was fine but I am missing you right now,

I want to text you but you might be busy and then,

you might say that I text you at the wrong time.

So, I’ll just text you on your unused BBM because that way,

It’ll be like me telling you what’s happening and we won’t be arguing every time we talk.


I started doing that when it took you half a day to reply a text or sometimes one text a day.

It’s true what they say, “when someone wants something from you, they’ll make time for you but when they don’t want anything, they’ll make excuses”

They’ll tell you they’re busy and so on, when before even you were busy doing assignments you and i would keep texting and you’ll call it, “multitasking”

I hope you’ll never know how it feels to be treated that way.

Then again, now you have new friends that you can talk to or spend time with seeing that everyone is in the same timezone or don’t give you headaches.


This is when your words and actions contradicts each other.

Your words says that you’re not avoiding and I tried to get hold of you at the wrong time.

Seeing as how it used to be. Don’t you feel that you’re giving excuses to avoid but I was just being straight up front about it.

You kept telling me to give people chances and not everyone is the same,

But you proved to me that I was right.

I didn’t want to be right because when every time you advised me that regarding people,

I wanted to be wrong.


Then again, I won’t generalized people as the same anymore because everyday is a new day.

I guess at first, I was relaxed and joking all the time but then it felt like I was losing a friend to everyone else.

But I hope one day through time, we’ll be friends again and we’ll forget what ever happened before.

That time, it won’t be a friendship that gives sadness to me or headaches to you.

but for now, I’m settling myself because I can’t stand getting in and out of depression constantly.


I miss how annoying you are and i miss the jokes and laughter. in a good way.

Later days,



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