always missing and depressing.

it’s been awhile since i last update this blog.

I’m trying to be better again and I’m trying to just get rid of this depression.

I don’t know if spending my time alone helps but i feel more peace and calm when I’m alone.

I still miss talking to Abang but he never even look for me anymore or reply my text.

I am the invisible person.

I always tell myself that i would never let anyone treat me that way anymore but one person that I thought would never treat me that way…did.

So, lesson learned!

Even meera doesn’t really talk to me.

So I guess even to my families i am not important.

I would really like to know how would they be if I were to die.

I don’t matter to my friends nor families.

and the one thing that I’ve always pray for seems like it’s never going to happen.


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