7 Signs You Are A Critical Thinker

7 signs of critical thinker.

Thought Catalog

1. When people talk about views different than your own, you don’t get angry

You can’t be angry without being afraid and you have no reason to be afraid your argument is wrong if you are a critical thinker. Your argument isn’t you, it is a thing you think, which can be replaced by another, stronger version if only people would help you think more sharply about it. People who are critical thinkers don’t identify as their arguments because they know every argument has a weakness, and changes with time. This doesn’t make the thing you think bad. Iron sharpens iron, and this is good for both of the individual pieces of metal.

2. You dump people for weird reasons

You might be talking to a cute guy and he says something like “my daughter could never have a mohawk. No reason why. It’s just wrong!” That is the absolute…

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