when people think its about them…

some times i give opinion out of my current situation or just random thoughts that suddenly appears on my mind or when i see what my friends are going through.

for sure, its not for me to sound mature or anything  but actually to remind myself and i have to admit to everyone that I have no positive energy in me right now, as much as I want to change that but I am not willing too because right now, i’m enjoying my own time.

so for people to judge me for something that they don’t know or not sure off, i think they should think that it’s not all about them.

I’ll listen to advises, from everyone or anyone but if your advice is bias and based on a he said-she said story or he said-she said- i said story. I think it’s better they get the facts right, talk to me straight up before you believe what people tells you. I know that people can misinterpret your intentions but really, its better to ask than to bombard people for things that they weren’t even involved or to just make a conclusion about how they are without knowing the purpose.

I would never tell the full story, I would always end it before said too much because I want to see if I could ever trust anyone when I tell you things. That’s how I know whom to trust, either family or friends.

I also know that I haven’t been easy to be around with for the past couple of months. But I am thankful for the people who stood by me when I’m feeling down and low. I would never forget what good friends you are.

Seriously, if you ever consider that you know me before, you should know how I am. To judge someone based on their down time, you should probably think how would you react if you’re in my shoe.

To be judging how I reacted to your behavior, I don’t think it’s quite fair too because I know if I wasn’t provoked, I’ll be alright. Don’t point because they’ll be three pointing right back. I would only be held responsible for myself but for your behavior or character and to put all the blame on me, you should reconsider what you did too.


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