i love the airports.

it somehow calms me down. it’s big and it is supposed to be busy but its quiet at the same time.

I guess that’s probably because I’ll go there during late hours.


now it’s just bad memories even when als gave me one good big one infront of the departure hall but it seems like it is so hard to remember the good ones when most of the time it’s just bad.

a few weeks ago, my dad left me at the airport crying again and now, i don’t feel anything but sadness. I spent a couple of days infront of the TV in KL doing nothing. Even when I was hungry, I just kept on watching TV and at that point, I feel relief because there’s no one there.

it really is hard to let go when everyone around you keeps reminding you that you’re just no good.

i still miss talking to abang but it’s just talk nothing more.

i don’t have meera to talk to because she’s too good for me to talk  to.

what i don’t understand is for people to advise me when they are the one who’s contributing to all these. i just want to disappear because i am so tired, I can barely wake up in the morning, the thought of waking up just reminds me of how tired I am.



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