secrets and lies.

the thing about secret is that it has a tendency to be exposed and now i can see your true color. I, thank god for whatever happened. 

when your gut feeling tells u that someone you are close with are hiding something from u, it is usually the case. 

it is not about negativity or whatever shit. 

it is because he or she is about to get caught and all they can do is point at your flaws. 

like i said, secrets have a way of coming out. 

and when it does, it all make sense.

the way he or she acts to avoid u and what not. 

and you hear all the things that he or she did to you,

he or she did to another person too.

he or she hides things for her or his own convenience. 

but little did they know, this world is not that wide 

and every thing will catch up. 

thus, every thing he or she said in the past was a lie.

it’s just a matter of right words and time but once it got too handful,

he or she will bail on you as fast as a lightning bolt. 

another lesson would be, don’t ever trust anyone who told u that not everyone is the same. because they are the one who usually proved to you that they are wrong. in fact, they are just the same as all the people that you told them about. 


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