prevention is better than cure assholes.

i am tired. 

if u want to tell me to grow up. u better grow up yourself first. 

if you are so grown up, why didn’t u act better than to get me into trouble. why did you got me screamed at? why? tell me who is that grown up?

For you to tell me to grow up, why don’t you take your own advice and shoved it down your throat?

another thing, 

for someone to blame me when all the while i was there, ready to listen, you are supposed to talk, do u expect me to read minds? Im out of super powers people, i can’t read anyone’s freaking mind. 

for another to say, use my brain. why didn’t you use your brain to think of probably just probably that it’s my reaction to your attitude. I know i may not have any power to control your attitude or anything and I can only control how I react. Why can’t you owned up to your part?

When I checked back what I message you, it was a question and you provoked me. even when you provoked me, I said sorry and you said it’s as if someone forced me to apologized. You said you would always give your ears and shoulder, where were you when I needed u? you blocked me! 

For all of you to be sad or dissatisfied for my actions, why don’t you owned up to your mistakes than to say that it’s all my attitude. what about yours? 

I am not pointing fingers, i know none of you like how i acted but seriously, I don’t like how you acted too. Often, you would talk behind my back that is what we call backstabbing two-faced. Trying to find a way. idiots don’t talk to idiots. it won’t solve shit. 


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