The rainy night.


This page reminded me of u.
It reminds me of the night we waited out the rain the slowdown.
We both know we could have run to the car. But we both waited to let it die down.
we talked for about an hour and at one point, when it was drizzling, we kept talking and didn’t even bother to get to our car. Instead you offered to accompany me for my late dinner.
It started to rain heavily that we ran to the car and decided to go to the restaurant. You get to pick which car for us to use, I get to pick the place.

When I get into your car, I saw an umbrella at the back of your car and I sarcastically said, “Guess who doesn’t have an umbrella in his car?”.
You looked behind and tried to give all sorts of reason not to use the umbrella. I laughed.

You drove about 20 to 40 km/per hr. It drives me crazy that you drive so slow but I enjoyed the talk, the laughs, the rainy night and the songs that was played in your car.

In one night, everything changed. I tried imagining living my life not knowing you but I can’t. I tried imagining how my life before you was like but I can’t.


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