surprise surprise

word of the day would be SURPRISE!

the first surprise was during lunch hour, i was meeting up with Aimi at Swee Kang. I heard my name was being called up from behind and I looked back after the second call. It was Johan, he was my math’s tutor during my foundation holiday day and we were close at one point of time. It’s a surprise because we would never thought we’ll bumped into each other any where on the streets of Kuching. But there we were, standing infront of each other wishing each other “Selamat Hari Raya” and he said, “hey, I won’t be in Kuching anymore. I’m moving out of Kuching next month, I’m changing jobs”. I looked right at him with a surprise and curious expression. “where are you going?” I asked with a smile. “I’m going to Miri to work at Petronas”  I responded quickly, “Yeay! you can bring me out for lunch or something”. He agreed and smiled.

Then, I told him the same thing that it would be my last month in Kuching too. I’ll be continuing my studies and he asked, “where are you going? back to aussie?” I hesitated to tell me but I blurted out, “London” and I gave him a suggestion, “Since you’re working for Petronas soon, you can come and visit me in London, I’ll bring you around”. He smiled and said, “will try”.

We parted by saying we’ll keep each other posted through whatsapp and I just agreed because I’m happy for him that he’s getting a better offer and improving in his life.

the second surprise would be surprising Chin.

Last night when we were texting, he said he could read me like a book. So, when i followed Meera and Nisya to buy a wedding gift, I saw a lion tall mug. I thought of Chin and impulsively I bought the mug and going to surprise Chin with an early birthday gift. Since I won’t be in Kuching on his birthday, so why not give it a few months early.




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