u may think that i don’t know what you talk behind my back

or that you laughed at me with your friend. 

what i’m happy about is you’re getting it all back and i don’t even need to do anything

but to just enjoy it. really.

then i realized other thing. 

you and her can laugh or make fun all you want because in the end.

you’ll get it back and i’ll be the one looking from afar

enjoying what you’re getting back. 

happy happy joy joy!


surprise surprise

word of the day would be SURPRISE!

the first surprise was during lunch hour, i was meeting up with Aimi at Swee Kang. I heard my name was being called up from behind and I looked back after the second call. It was Johan, he was my math’s tutor during my foundation holiday day and we were close at one point of time. It’s a surprise because we would never thought we’ll bumped into each other any where on the streets of Kuching. But there we were, standing infront of each other wishing each other “Selamat Hari Raya” and he said, “hey, I won’t be in Kuching anymore. I’m moving out of Kuching next month, I’m changing jobs”. I looked right at him with a surprise and curious expression. “where are you going?” I asked with a smile. “I’m going to Miri to work at Petronas”  I responded quickly, “Yeay! you can bring me out for lunch or something”. He agreed and smiled.

Then, I told him the same thing that it would be my last month in Kuching too. I’ll be continuing my studies and he asked, “where are you going? back to aussie?” I hesitated to tell me but I blurted out, “London” and I gave him a suggestion, “Since you’re working for Petronas soon, you can come and visit me in London, I’ll bring you around”. He smiled and said, “will try”.

We parted by saying we’ll keep each other posted through whatsapp and I just agreed because I’m happy for him that he’s getting a better offer and improving in his life.

the second surprise would be surprising Chin.

Last night when we were texting, he said he could read me like a book. So, when i followed Meera and Nisya to buy a wedding gift, I saw a lion tall mug. I thought of Chin and impulsively I bought the mug and going to surprise Chin with an early birthday gift. Since I won’t be in Kuching on his birthday, so why not give it a few months early.



5 Kinds Of Love You Will Experience In Your Life

5 kind of love.

Thought Catalog

1. The Love That Would Remind You How Simple It Is To Feel.

The kind of love that would take you back to a boy in your high school halls and how you quietly gush about how cute he is when he smiles and how you write creepy entries on your diary that one day he might drive you home and you’ll get your happy ending. Believe me, this is the purest and the best kind of affection there is.

2. The Love That Changed You.

We can always look back to that one person whose love was either too good or too bad for us that it changed us. They could have showed us how dark abyss could be turned into a whimsical garden or they could have rocked the solid walls that guarded our petty hearts and we crumbled instantly to their feet. And like rubble, they left…

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The rainy night.


This page reminded me of u.
It reminds me of the night we waited out the rain the slowdown.
We both know we could have run to the car. But we both waited to let it die down.
we talked for about an hour and at one point, when it was drizzling, we kept talking and didn’t even bother to get to our car. Instead you offered to accompany me for my late dinner.
It started to rain heavily that we ran to the car and decided to go to the restaurant. You get to pick which car for us to use, I get to pick the place.

When I get into your car, I saw an umbrella at the back of your car and I sarcastically said, “Guess who doesn’t have an umbrella in his car?”.
You looked behind and tried to give all sorts of reason not to use the umbrella. I laughed.

You drove about 20 to 40 km/per hr. It drives me crazy that you drive so slow but I enjoyed the talk, the laughs, the rainy night and the songs that was played in your car.

In one night, everything changed. I tried imagining living my life not knowing you but I can’t. I tried imagining how my life before you was like but I can’t.

Day (495) – Fallen Angels

the head, the heart and what’s meant to be.

The Better Man Project ™

There is nothing more lost than a confused heart. You’re head has a  tendency to overcomplicate things, but when your heart is at play, you can truly lose yourself. It happens. We fall. We fall hard. Sometimes, it takes a good fall to truly understand where you stand.


What if all the words that were ever uttered out of your mouth were written on your skin? Would you hide your skin with clothes or would you be proud of the lines flowing over your skin like water in the ocean. There would be moments of crashing and yet, at the same time, there would be those times of stillness and peace. Those words will always be there. They will never be lost or gone. Permanently inscribed on your skin. If this was the case, what would you start to write today?



Things happen in our lives that we aren’t…

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I really don’t get it why are you involving others?

Really, whatever happened between us is between us and not other people including acquaintances or friends.

But now, you’re involving others who only know one part of the story. In which would be your part and not mine.

A 73 Song Playlist For Having A Crush

73 song list for having a crush.

Thought Catalog

Sometimes you just need a soundtrack for to describe the feeling of checking your phone every fifteen seconds.

Cassie – Me & U

This is such a great song to listen to/sing along with when you have a crush. Unlike most song’s about love it puts a lot of power in the crush-ers hands rather than being entirely dependent on the object of their affection. Cassie knows she’s beautiful and talented, it’s the guy that would be crazy not to feel the same way.

Anya Marina – Whatever You Like

Let’s let a cat out of the bag: I get a lot of my music from the soundtracks of Josh Schwartz television shows. The Anya Marina cover of T.I.’s Whatever You Like is fucking sexy as HELL. It’s an amazing cover, but it doesn’t even have it’s own music video. It’s the background music that plays during the Dan Humphrey/icky…

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