surprise surprise

word of the day would be SURPRISE!

the first surprise was during lunch hour, i was meeting up with Aimi at Swee Kang. I heard my name was being called up from behind and I looked back after the second call. It was Johan, he was my math’s tutor during my foundation holiday day and we were close at one point of time. It’s a surprise because we would never thought we’ll bumped into each other any where on the streets of Kuching. But there we were, standing infront of each other wishing each other “Selamat Hari Raya” and he said, “hey, I won’t be in Kuching anymore. I’m moving out of Kuching next month, I’m changing jobs”. I looked right at him with a surprise and curious expression. “where are you going?” I asked with a smile. “I’m going to Miri to work at Petronas”  I responded quickly, “Yeay! you can bring me out for lunch or something”. He agreed and smiled.

Then, I told him the same thing that it would be my last month in Kuching too. I’ll be continuing my studies and he asked, “where are you going? back to aussie?” I hesitated to tell me but I blurted out, “London” and I gave him a suggestion, “Since you’re working for Petronas soon, you can come and visit me in London, I’ll bring you around”. He smiled and said, “will try”.

We parted by saying we’ll keep each other posted through whatsapp and I just agreed because I’m happy for him that he’s getting a better offer and improving in his life.

the second surprise would be surprising Chin.

Last night when we were texting, he said he could read me like a book. So, when i followed Meera and Nisya to buy a wedding gift, I saw a lion tall mug. I thought of Chin and impulsively I bought the mug and going to surprise Chin with an early birthday gift. Since I won’t be in Kuching on his birthday, so why not give it a few months early.




Birthday guessing date.


I’m in an okay mood so far lately. Other than the fact, the more I want to save, the more things I need to pay.

Why? *it’s a rhetorical question so shut!*

Anyways, this birthday guessing date.

I asked a friend of mine when is his birthdate because I remember he ever told me that he’s a scorpio.

He didn’t want to tell me and in the end, I told him I will wish him a “Happy birthday” everyday! until I get the day and date!

Only two days passed and he thought that I would know his birthdate. I, honestly don’t know and so, I have 28 more days to go to find out.


I don’t get why at times I do things that I do.


Today is Halloween day! I miss preparing for trick-o-treat in Perth, I miss costumes and I miss the cute lil kids around the neighbourhood especially Elijah!

It is also Alston Chin Kian Seng’s Birthday!! So now, we are both at the same age!

Best of luck! and surprising him with a cake yesterday during lunch was funny! He begged me to not sing the Happy birthday song.

At least he blow the candle out.


Later days,

Double Zee!

8. Private gathering & people I get along with

watercolor clouds

watercolor clouds

Friends and I decided to organized a potluck for Iftar,

the place: 4D, Santubong Suite.

the time: for buka puasa.

menu: too much for 9 ppl to handle.

It was supposed to be 10 of us but Yas forgot about it, nothing against her forgetting but she was the mastermind, we kind of miss her there.

Meera, Ben, Aimi & Azi was there preparing earlier while I was at work and I just can’t wait for Iftar, they made spaghetti, mashed potatoes, beef pie, burnt apple crumbled, mushroom soup, cupcakes *for yaya’s bday* and I think there’s more but I can’t think of any. Nana & Aiman came later with Mac & Cheese and Beehoon Goreng.

Food 1

Food 1

Food 2

Food 2

Food 3

Food 3

Food 4

Food 4

Food 5

Food 5

Food 6

Food 6

Iftar with this view

Iftar with this view

After work I bought the drinks, snacks and fetched Yaya and Zayy. On our way up, we stopped by a house to fetch Yaya’s B’day cake ordered by Aunty Dot and we went to Sukma to buy ayam panggang. Yes, we celebrated Yaya’s b’day too at the same time.

The Girl who turned 20

The Girl who turned 20

Yaya's B'day Cupcakes

Yaya’s B’day Cupcakes

Yaya's Rainbow Cake

Yaya’s Rainbow Cake

Yaya's Bday Cupcake

Yaya’s Bday Cupcake

A few minutes before Iftar, all of us were hanging around the counter top and kept on looking at the food spread. It was massively too much for 9 people to eat. oh! look at everyone once we break our fast, all quiet with food in our mouths.

the company 1

the company 1

the company 2

the company 2

After we’re done with iftar, we watched a movie called “LOL”. At one point, Aimi told me,  “Jot!!! He is not worth it!” It was quite a funny movie and all of us drove back home around 11pm.

I prefer these kind of gathering rather than having a big one, no offence but I had plenty of those and I didn’t get to hang out with people that really matters. With private small gathering, it’s more…. should I say intimate? I’m not even sure if that’s the right word. I would just say I’m too old for big gathering, it’s like a party. Ohh! I better quit explaining before I get myself confused.

Later days,

Double Zee.

Happy Birthday to the 20th March People/Babies

March, I used to dislike this month because when I was in school there’s a whole bunch of my friends and school & classmates would be celebrating their birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people. It’s just that if I buy each and everyone of them presents, I would be damn broke. But since I was still in school, I don’t even have that much money to buy everyone a present. So, to be fair, I just wish everyone a Happy Birthday.

Anywho, there’s two people who is celebrating their birthday today.

First and foremost would be my own baby nephew, Raffi who turns 1 years old. We are going to celebrate his birthday this Saturday. Stay Tune!

Happy Birthday Raffi~ Happy Birthday Raffi~ Happy Birthday to Raffi~ Happy Birthday to you!!!

Raffi, Jack Jack

Secondly, Bong is my manager and today, he turned 55 years old.

I appreciate all the help you’ve given me, I hope for you to have a joyous life and everything good.

Bong's Bday Cake

Happy Birthday Bong~

Meet Bong, The 55 years old man

I was having a bad day today and I thought of turning my frown upside down. So, a better way to do that was to spend it on something that I like and it is of course, FOOD!!

Hey everyone enjoys the cake~ It’s enough to make me happy today, well at least for a few hours.

Later days,

Double Zee.

Nek Peh’s Birthday Dinner.

8th of November 

Happy Birthday to Nek Peh

We are grateful that you’ve live long to watch us grow since we were born.

It was just a small gathering among families and her siblings.

Us, cousins get to hang out with each other and not to forget, SUIT UP!

Some of us are not in Kuching but even so we wish that they were.

The birthday dinner was held at Toh Yuen, Hilton.

Here’s a few pictures, enough said.


Azra & I

Grandma with her siblings

With her kids.


With her Grandkids & Great Grand Kids.

& of course, there’s food! DUh!

It was a fun family moment.

Later days,

Double Zee.

Good Bye Benjamin (Button).

My friends (Effa, Elaine & Nisa-Effa’s sister) & I had a fabric hunting date at India Street. I saw a fabric design that I like and that I would buy for me to make a toga dress.

The main post office, on the way to India St.

The main post office, on the way to India St.

We parked at Merdeka Palace and walked to India Street, now I know where I can buy very nice soft fabric. I should stop being so ignorant or something and embrace the Kuching culture. Lol. After we’re done with fabric hunting, we went to Kayu Manis for our Brunch.

Nasi Briyani Ayam Kayu Manis with side dish.

Nasi Briyani Ayam Kayu Manis with side dish.

I had the Nasi Briyani Ayam with fried chicken, pineapple sambal and asam belacan (i think that is what it’s called). It is nice, it feels like having a home cooked meal. I forgot to take picture of what others had. We sat and talked for quite awhile, our conversation covered the whole business talk, being married and marriages, schoolmates getting married, who’s next, who’s doing what and so on. At times, when I realized what my friends and I talked about, I feel like I’m getting older and it is time but to be honest, I am so happy being single. I know I have been single for 5 years and thank god, Effa understands that I’m so comfortable with how I am right now. Seriously, it’s not a big deal. I love it. It’s easy. There’s no other commitment, I can just do whatever I what and however I please. Oh well. After brunch, Effa heads off to her tailor and I head home to sleep!! as it was raining.

When I woke up, Mum told me to visit my grandma because she’s going into surgery tomorrow. So I hope everything will go well tomorrow *prays to Allah that everything will go on smoothly*.

Dinner was awesome and I had lamb cutlets,

Lamb Cutlets

It’s like a goodbye dinner for Ben. ha Ha. He’ll be back soon, he always does. We had dinner at Magenta and we were late, we left Kit and Tai Hock waiting for half an hour. I kept on blaming Ben, he fetched us from home, so I blame him for being too early and when we fetched Dd and Yaya. Dd said, “I didn’t had enough time to get ready”, and I said, “yea Ben, we didn’t get enough time to get ready”. It’s all jokes anyways.

Magenta with family

and of course there were photo session after dinner. I don’t really remember what we all talked about during dinner or after dinner because I think everyone talks about different things.

the man with no head.

Half headed Tai Hock

Kit & I with my round face.

Yaya & I

Ben with Din, Jean & Rina

Meera, Dd & Yaya

Meera & i

Azean, Adin, Diyana, Me, Ben & Meera (standing). Tai Hock, Affsya & Kit (squatting )

So, we were the last customers there and they closed as soon as we walked out the door. But the night did not end just because they close their door, we continued on to Bing! Padungan. Kuching do need a really nice place to hang out. At this time, my phone went out of battery and I did not took any pictures while we were there. I had the Tiramisu and FO’SHo, it is not that nice, it tastes like whipped cream and coffee. I mean I know how the texture of a Tiramisu should taste like but I guess it’s alright, I had a nice brownies. They played cards and we talked and we laughed and we just kept on laughing until we head home. On the way home,we had our singing session and my favorite song was played.

Every time I hear this song, it will bring me back to when I was 15 years old. Good times, Good memories and I would go back to that year if I were to be given a chance to go back. Oh well, it’s all good, I had a nice day and night and time. I hope all is well for you too and so I bid you farewell.

Good luck to Ben & I hope you get your wings!

Before I end this post I would like to say,

Happy Birthday to Azam Suffian 

He who turns 26 years old today. 

17 July 

I hope you’re having fun in KL (WORKING)

Later days,

Double Zee.

China, Here I Come.

I wish I could go to China too. Ergh! While I was at the Embassy, I was so proud to understand when the lady said, “Liang Ge”. The day started with something that I don’t like, woken up and forced to accompany Syafiq to the Chinese Embassy to do his visa. I don’t mind accompanying him or whatsoever but I really don’t like people pushing me to do it and told me that it’s urgent and need to be done a.s.a.p. I don’t like it at all. I get cranky and people always complaint afterwards.

I was fasting again today but I went to accompany Syafiq breakfast at Maccas. It was weird as I was looking at the sausage McMuffin and it reminded me of being in Perth. Usually, I would have Sausage McMuffin when I just got back from the airport or when my cousins and I stayed up until the breakfast menu was served. Ha Ha. Good Ol’ Days.

Before I go on…..My neighbour’s mom passed away earlier and my condolences to them and their family. Al-Fatihah.

Also today, I would like to wish two of my family member a very Happy Birthday.

Birthday Girl

Happy 10th Birthday

Aisya Maisarah

I hope all your wishes comes true

and for you to enjoy the cake that I made

*the realistic one though*


Happy 27th Birthday

Nasrie Zainal

I bet you’re having fun wherever you are

Nonetheless I hope all your wishes comes true

To both of the birthday boy & girl,

may you have good wealth, health, live young and prosper throughout your lifetime.

After dinner, all of us hangs around the dinner table and give riddles to each other to solve. The only thing that came to my mind was the Bun Riddle.

Thinking Time

There was two buns who went to the movies together, the first bun was a plain bun and the second bun was a bun with fillings. While watching the sad movie, the bun with fillings cried but the plain bun didn’t. Why? You see, I like this riddle because I imagined buns walking hand-in-hand to the movies. Ain’t it cute? Seriously? Use your imagination. I laughed like crazy every time I hear this riddle and friends just don’t get it why I laughed. Anyways, the answer would be: because the plain bun doesn’t have any “filling” and so, the bun can’t “fill” anything.

Who's Bluffing?

They also play “BLUFF” the card game,that was one fun family time. But I didn’t stay until the end of the game, Sha and I went out.

So everyone knows there’s nowhere to go in Kuching, I always end up going to the airport. Als used to ask me why do I like to go to the airport, a question like many other people like to ask me. He kept on insisting that I’m just too weird.


It is because I find the airport are quite relaxing *other than, only the Maccas at the airport sells milkshakes*. I don’t just go to the Kuching Airport, even when I was in Perth, I like going to the airport. It calms me down. I guess when I’m there, there’s no rush.  At times, I can hear myself thinking about what’s bothering my mind. Sometimes, I found myself watching the TV at the airport and I do wonder why do I watch the TV at the airport. At the end of the day, I just want to be calm before I go to sleep instead of thinking too much. Today. I want to be a simple and easy to understand person but I think it’s quite hard since I am too picky, demanding and knows what I want too much. It’s worth the try.

I think I’ll introduce my boyfie tomorrow. LoL.

Later days,

Double Zee.