9. Having my own time

I am so happy being able to have my own time at the end of the day.

Last night, after Terawih and doing some errands with Yaya, I went home.

I started listening to

and I was in the mood to read. I’ve read the book before and list it on the book to read for this month. It’s a dating advice book but the reason I bought the book and reread it a few time is because of Hamish’s comments on the side of the pages. It’s hilarious and maybe 2 out of 10 of his comments are relevant. Most of it, would be his jokes and he uses examples that you will never think of. Which he thinks/thought that would be relevant with what Zoe wrote and explained in the book.

Textbook Romance : Zoe & Hamish

Textbook Romance : Zoe & Hamish

Anyways, I have not finish reading the book but I’ve been laughing alone in the office during lunch hour. I think I’m falling in love with this book again. It is really funny. Zoe tells things quite upfront with a bit of sarcasm. I love this book. Apparently, Zoe & Hamish got engaged earlier this year. OH cool!

Later days,

Double Zee.


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